With the warm weather somewhat approaching, I decided to take a break from the inside decorating and give the outdoors some love.  We have a very wide front porch that was pretty bare all year.  I love sitting out there but I felt like we needed more of a defined gathering space.  I envisioned a sectional, but where to buy one?  Believe it or not, prices of outdoor sectionals are comparable to indoor sectionals.  How?  I don’t know.  But, there was no way I was paying 2-3K for furniture I’d use a quarter of the year (Damn NJ).

I did my research for a week or so scouting out the best deals.  Target had a decent deal with their 20% promo, but it was still $1500 for a medium size sectional.  Pier 1 had a sectional, $1200 WITHOUT their pricey cushions.  All of the high end stores like Crate and Barrel offered gorgeous sectionals at about 3-4K.  Not the type of money I can justify spending on outdoor furniture.

In my online search, I came across sectionals on Ebay.  They were half the price of anything I came across!  Best part: Free shipping!  I ended up bargaining with the seller and purchased the sectional for $850 WITH a coffee table!  I was happy.  Here’s the link:



Not bad, right?  I reconfigured the pieces to form a sectional.  I wanted a bright, cheery space so I started looking for area rugs.  How AWESOME is this rug I scored from Overstock?  Aren’t the colors stunning?  It’s a lot brighter in person. Needless to say, I bought it immediately!  Found a coupon online and it came to $89.

Details: Waverly Sun n Shade Jade Rug


I wanted to hang a pendant light above the coffee table.  Instead of installing electric, I went with a flameless candle pendant to illuminate the space.  I found the perfect driftwood lantern at Pottery Barn.  It added the rustic touch I was going for.  I opted for the larger one.


I dressed up the sectional with some colorful throw pillows.  I will use any excuse to buy pillows!  The colors worked nicely with the rug.  I added a few decorative touches and my porch oasis was complete!  Here is the final look.  Anyone care for a glass of wine?


Update! I added curtains for privacy and to block out some sun.  Discovered that you can use Command Hooks to hang curtains.  What!  How simple?  1-2-3 and the curtains were up!  I bought the aged bronze colored hooks to match the rod.  Here’s the look:


Update:  The driftwood lantern was attracting bees!  I had to return it.  I ordered this new light instead.  I think it will add a more chic look.  So excited!  I will post a picture after it comes in!




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