Grocery Sign Mini Project


I finally got around to recreating the GROCERY sign used in one of my favorite kitchens. Below is the image I used as my guide:


So, to start, I decided to change up the coloring of the sign.  Our kitchen walls will be painted Benjamin Moore’s Pale Smoke, which is the color I decided for the lettering. I bought a small paint sample from for around $6.  For the wooden background I decided on a pale cream color: Benjamin Moore’s Windham Cream. I also bought a quart sample of the cream paint as well.


Next was finding the right size piece of wood. My mom and I went to AC Moore and picked up a perfect piece! It cost about $10.


As far as the lettering, I’ve seen a few tutorials on printing out the letters and making impression marks, but I went the safe route and picked up a package of stencils.


We painted the Windham Cream on the wood and let sit dry for about an hour.  We then cut out the letters of the word GROCERY first, then lined them up on the wood to make sure they would fit.  We had to use the R twice, no biggy, just wash and reuse!

photo (46)

From there, we painted in each letter using Benjamin Moore’s Pale Smoke.  We painted them separately using a sponge brush. We had to let each dry first before moving on to the next letter, this process took about an hour.  I think it came out great!


The only thing we noticed is that the Pale Smoke paint actually takes on a lavender color in contrast with the cream-  interesting!  Hope I inspired you all to be creative!  Happy painting!

photo (47)



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