Kitchen Nook

Hands down my favorite part of our house….the kitchen nook!  Steve and I are both big TV people, so when looking for a house, having an area to eat and watch TV meant a lot to us.  I mean, who DOESN’T want to watch sports while eating every night?  If I had known it would be every morning, afternoon, and night, well, I might have turned my back on the whole “nook” concept.

“Chris, did you just see that play! Chris! Wait for the replay…”

As I anxiously glance up from making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a standard response of, “That’s crazy” usually works.

But seriously, what happened to Breaking Bad?  Sitting at the kitchen nook watching Walt dominate every aspect of life- that is my kind of relaxing.  No Flynn, I aint making ya breakfast.  walt

Back to the purpose of this post: The nook.  The area originally was a dark red color, as seen below.  I really love the bay windows.  A light fixture was already in place so it was a great spot for a table underneath.

before nook

nook w island

In the picture above, you can see how the kitchen flows to the nook.  Disregard the hot mess going on as it was only Day 2 after moving in.

We wanted the area to feel relaxing, light, and airy.  I was quite obsessed with researching and testing out paint colors, so I had the color narrowed down to two: Pale Smoke and Gray Owl. The colors are VERY similar.  Pale Smoke is a pretty light blue/gray, and Gray Owl is just a light gray. In doing my research, I came across a few kitchens that had used Gray Owl and LOVED them.  I went with Gray Owl for the kitchen, and used Pale Smoke in the adjoining family room.  The colors flow gorgeously.  People often ask if they are the same color.  How insulting!  😉

Pale Smoke VS. Gray Owl:

pale smokecjip  gray owl chip

The picture below is actually from the original listing for the home.  I chose to add it here so you can see the flow of the nook to the family room.  (Family Room Reno Post Coming Soon…)

old house 1Note: My coffee bar is where they had their dark brown hutch.

We painted the walls Gray Owl- two coats.  Then we had to paint the bead board island white.  That was a PROCESS.  I would say it took 5 coats of white paint to cover the dark red.  I was painting it with a small hand brush, then Steve came over and used a roller ONE time, and Wa La! It was done.

White Paint: Valspar Ultra White in Semi Gloss Finish 


After painting was finished, we switched out the light fixture for something a little more updated.  I found a fixture about a year ago on Houzz that I fell in love with.  It just so happened to work perfectly in the nook spot.  Light Fixture: Everly by Kichler

light nook

Our table set is by Riverside Furniture. The dining collection is called “Coventry Two-Toned.”  We ordered two of the matching chairs and we ordered 2 “Belgian Linen Upholstered Slope” chairs from Restoration Hardware (sigh, sigh again..) Those are good sighs.  Can there be good sighs? Google? No…Crap. *Sigh*

after nook

And there ya have it.  I really liked how the mismatched look of the chairs turned out.  With the help of a vase of hydrangeas, the nook is complete.  Almost.  Steve doesn’t know I have my eye on plantation shutters.



  1. Katrina says:

    Looks great! Did you use the small or larger Everly pendant? What are the measurements of the glass? Thank you so much!


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