Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinets was one of the best decisions we’ve made!  The dull, yellow oak had to go.  Is it my dream kitchen now?  Heck no!  But, the mini improvement made it livable for us.


before kitchen

Notice the oak color, cabinets above island, and lack of hardware.  

I’d say we were living in our house for a week when I woke up and said, “Soooo, do you want to paint the kitchen cabinets?”  It was late summer and we were off from work.  Why not?

We didn’t really know where to start.  I went to Home Depot with a sample cabinet and asked a non-helpful worker what I needed.  He replied, “Just paint them.”  I knew the job was more complex than just painting, so I called my dad.  He went the complete opposite route and said, “Woah woah, Chris, you might want to hold off on such a project.  It’s not like a quick paint job.”  At this point I was feeling a little unmotivated and confused.  But, once I get an idea, it’s hard to sway me.

I started researching various blogs and video tutorials.  I decided to be brave and combine different techniques.  Here’s what I did:

1) Went to Home Depot and bought the following items:

*Crown Liquid Deglosser (and clothes to wipe)

*Sandpaper Sponges (many)

*Medium size paint brushes 

*Paint rollers

2) Went to Benjamin Moore and bought the following items:

*Advance White primer

*Advance White high gloss paint

3) Used a drill to unhook each cabinet door then arranged the doors on cardboard in the garage.  Save the screws!

(Note: We also put a piece of frog tape with the cabinet number on the inside to remember where each goes)

4)  Started deglossing.   This is a very strong, toxic scent, so keep all of your windows open while doing this step.  Simply soak a cloth with deglosser.  Rub the deglosser any place you plan on painting (this includes the wood frame inside).  Using circular motions, rub firmly for a few seconds in each spot.  You will notice the wood start to look dull.  This is good.

5) Prime the wood using Advance white primer. We used medium sized paint brushes for the primer.  One coat should do the trick.  Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection, rather coverage.

6) Start painting- once the primer completely dries.   We first used the paint brushes for the ridges/indents, then applied a thick coat with the roller.  We let that dry.  Then, we did a second coat with the roller and let them sit overnight.  They came out great!

7) Re-attach the painted cabinetry to existing frame.  Find those screws you probably lost and get going.  This is the fun part.  You start to see how awesome the finished product will look!

8) Attach hardware, if any.  Our kitchen cabinets did not have hardware, so we went and bought Aged Bronze pulls and knobs.  You can find the link for the pulls below:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=

9) Invest in an attractive backsplash.  Still waiting on step 9!  We found the perfect Morrocan backsplash and are thinking of installing it soon.  Jillian Harris used something similar in her new kitchen and I immediately fell in love.  Here’s what it looks like:


We’re up in the air on where to go with the kitchen.  Painting the cabinets was a quick fix.  We eventually want to redesign the whole space.  We did, however, add a new flush mount fixture and new pendants above the island.  You will see them in the after pictures!  You may also notice that the two cabinet doors next to the sink were replaced with glass doors.  We found glass doors in the attic that the previous owners did not use and decided to use them!  They really open up the space nicely.

So that’s it!  All in all, it took us about 3 days including attaching the hardware.  This is a completely manageable task if you have the time.  Here’s our before & after pictures!  Thanks for reading! 🙂


before5after kitchen2








  1. It’s amazing how much light the white brings in. Love it.


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