Coffee Bar

Ever since I saw the image below on Houzz, I NEEDED a coffee bar in my future house!

coffee bar

So cute right? I was on a mission to recreate the look.  After looking for over a year for our dream house, we finally found it!  I also spotted a great spot for my coffee bar idea.  Now, I needed to find just the right piece to fit my style.  Although I really enjoy the black coffee bar in my inspiration photo, I wanted to keep my recreation a bit more airy.

As I was fishing through a local consignment shop, I found it!  The perfect piece.  It has just the right amount of rustic appeal.  In the pic-stitch below you will see how I saw it setup originally in the store.  I switched out the knobs to bring it to life a bit more.



I gave it a good cleaning and was ready to set it up!  At first I was going to buy the exact shelf used my inspiration picture, , but then I thought of just using plain white open shelving.  We went to Lowe’s and found the perfect set of shelves to place above our coffee bar.

From there, I just bought a bunch of little decor pieces here and there from Pier 1 and Home Goods and went to town!  I especially love the canisters I found from the same consignment shop I bought the coffee bar.  I then went on Etsy and had label tags made up and used twill to tie the labels around the canisters.

tea cups

Well, ladies and gents, here she is!  The final coffee bar!  What do you think?

my coffee bar






  1. Thanks Loretta!

  2. I like yours even better than your inspiration pic! Nicely done!


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