Paint Options

Who knew choosing paint colors could be so exhausting?  I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices for each room.  Most of the choices are from the Benjamin Moore collection.  So, here they are, separated by room.  I should mention that we are going for the French Country Chic Farmhouse Cottage-y look.  You know the look right? Pinterest can’t get enough of it! Quite frankly, neither can I….

BHB describes the look nicely, “Today’s cottage style often incorporates a soft palette of greens, blues, yellows, and shades of lilac; it may rise to a brighter standard with crisp colors gathered from natural surroundings.  Above all, it’s light and airy, fresh and fun, and completely, unequivocally original.”  

Couldn’t of said it better, BHB.

Now, back to paint.  Oh, you want pictures of the rooms we’re painting?  About that-We’re not actually moving in until a few months.  But as soon as we’re in-pictures will be posted to give you a visual of what we will be painting 🙂

Entry Color Options:  We’re looking for a welcoming airy beige/yellow/butter color. 

  • Benjamin Moore’s Windham Cream    I just love this color for the entry way.  It’s so cheerful.  I love the way it appears in the first photo below- a pale, buttery cream color.

Sherwin Williams Rice Grain . Loving this color ever since I saw it in Thistlewood Farms blog pictures. See it here: 



Living Room/Dining Room Combo Room:

  • Option 1: Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter   I feel like every time I’m on Houzz and check the paint color…it’s revere pewter! Anyone who uses it RAVES about how gorgeous of a greige it is.  They say it changes with the time of day, going from a pretty gray to a beige.  Our living/dining room is a double room separated by french doors.  We want to carry the color through the whole room for a nice flow.  Below are some of my favorite portrayals of Revere Pewter:


  • Option 2: Martha Stewart’s Pearl Gray   I’ve seen this color in one of my favorite homes on Houzz.  It is extremely light and airy.  I’m just a little nervous about it looking too white and less gray.  I want a nice medium mix.  Below are some pictures of Pearl Gray used in one of my favorite rooms ever! If you would like to drool more over the decor, visit her blog here:

pearl gray

Option 3: Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl  This color looks gorgeous on my sample poster board I painted. It is such a gorgeous pale gray, it almost seems like a shade of white. But, when you place it next to white molding, it pops more.



Family Room&Kitchen: We are aiming for that perfect light gray/blue for the family room/kitchen rooms.  They are open to each other, so we wanted to keep it the same color.  Some of our favorites are below:

Option 1: Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray   This is definitely a front runner, however, in certain pictures it appears more blue than gray.  I’ll have to wait and test in our home’s natural light to see how it works.

Option 2: Benjamin Moore’s Pale Smoke  


So what do you all think? Any experiences with these colors?



  1. Anonymous says:

    I used wickham grey throughout my house and love how the color changes in each room from green greay to blue grey to true grey. The more natural light the truer the grey. The less natural light the bluer it looks. Received many compliments.


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